If you are reading this, you are one of the first people to discover Myrias! Get your Evathalin NFTs before they are gone!

The first world we have decided to make in Myrias is a massive multiplayer Play2Earn survival game. The theme of the game is humans arriving on the planet named Evathalin (IPA: ɛvæ-θɐ-lɛn). However, they soon learn the planet is a world full of monsters! Evathalin is based on megalaphobia, the fear of incredibly large things, thus the creatures of Evathalin are beyond comprehension in size. You can play as humans or creatures in this world, but both will have to navigate a hostile environment to survive and defeat the other players!

The Legend of Evathalin

Not much is known about Evathalin because very few people have ever returned. Evathalin is a giant forest planet with heavy rain, a thick atmosphere, and massive storms that plague the planet. When it was first discovered, scientists were able to map the surface of Evathalin through advanced astrographical technology, but were full of dread at the sight of what they had discovered. Nature had made creatures too terrible for man to comprehend. After much study, they created a system to classify the creatures by size (Classes 1 – 10); however, because of the storms, it is difficult to fully see all the surface of the planet. Thus scientists speculate there may be many more creatures still undiscovered.

You grow up hearing the stories of Evathalin; a shared memory for the People of Myrias. They say all are laid low even at the sight of the great world; for they know the creatures of terror are born there; creatures made without fear. Their thundering roars shatter the hearts of even the most hardened warriors, but it is the way they look at you that is truly nerve-shattering. Your body trembles; your mind is altered as if thick and dreadful darkness came over you. Like fire falling from the sky while the ground is shaking beneath you. Many of those who have heard the roars of the monsters have begged to leave and never return, for they could not bear the thought of such creatures, and some have even been driven to madness merely for mistaking thunder for the beasts. They will find you; they do not stop. Truly the Children of Death are born here, and they are driven by one purpose; to feed.

Concept Drawing of the Bat. Most Likely Class 1, 2, or 3

The Characters: Creatures & Humans

The creatures are based on a size scale from 1 to 10; class 10 being the largest class. All species will have basic statistics but will also come with unique abilities, advantages, weaknesses, etc. This will be done for all creature types, so imagine how deep and rich the gameplay will be with a potential for over 100 different creatures to choose from!

One important thing to point out is creatures of all classe levels will be fun and dangerous to play. Class 9 is not necessarily better than Class 5. In general, they will just be bigger and more powerful, but there will be some deadly creatures in the lower classes as well.

Humans will have a wide variety of weapons and vehicles to aid in survival; from air to land to sea, there will be terrors on all fronts. Therefore, humans will need tools and vehicles to survive. These will include futuristic boats, planes, tanks, trucks, motorcycles, and much more. Humans will have to work together to survive and overcome the many threats in this new world.

Here Be Dragons – The Selection Token NFTs

The first thing to clarify is the current original and exclusive NFTs for Evathalin are Selection Tokens. They are not the final NFTs that will be for Evathalin. That is because you will exchange these Selection Token(s) for the particular creature you want from the Master List with the corresponding class. For example, if you purchase a class 5 creature token, you will be able to exchange it for any class 5 creature once the Master List is posted. Right now, the NFTs are by creature class and are general, however, in the end, they will be by species in which you will choose from a wide variety of specific creature NFTs. Buying the Selection Token now ensures you get first dips on the best creatures before they are gone and expensive. To understand the exchange process, check out our FAQs.


Something that is very important to understand about Evathalin is its a Play2Earn game. This means through different means, you will be able to earn actual money. Play-to-Earn games are a new type of game in that its also a way to make an income; therefore, early investment is a part of the gaming experience. Consider these NFTs as a form of virtual real estate, where the better NFTs will go to those who invested early. In general, the better characters you buy, the better you will perform in Evathalin. We want to contribute to a world where gaming can actually be a form of income, and we are specifically working to create forms of passive income within Evathalin, as Warren Buffet has said “If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.”

NFTs also are a form of status.  Its one thing to own a car, its a totally different thing to own a Tesla or Lamborghini. The same will be for the higher classes in Evathalin; they mean you invested early.

The Selection Token Quantities

We have made the NFT page and process simple; we are currently hosting our first NFTs on Opensea. Upon arrival you will see only 9 NFTs, but they are actually multiples of each of them. Classes have been color-coded to help make them visually easier to differentiate on the NFTs themselves. The following is a list of the quantities:

Class 1 - Guardians
Class 2 - Warriors
Class 3 - Hunters
Class 4 - Elites
Class 5 - Champions
Class 6 - Juggernauts
Class 7 - Reapers
Class 8 - Berserkers
Class 9 - Titans

Class 10 – Legendaries

These will indeed be legendary creatures to play (“אין־על־עפר משלו העשו לבלי־חת”). Therefore we have decided not to sell these NFTs but for them to only be earned, most likely through gameplay. When you have them, you will be a game-changer, feared by all, and truly legendary.

Current Creatures & Variations

The following are drafts of some of the creatures of Evathalin. These drafts were made to simply show character concepts; they will be made to look hyper realistic in final production.

In addition, these are just one version of the creatures. We plan to add multiple variations and the ability to customize the skins on each of those variations.

We currently have about 50 of the 100 creatures that are going to be in Evathalin so far, and we plan to reveal these creatures over time, so stay tuned.

Concept Drawing of the Bat. Most Likely Class 1, 2, or 3
Concept Drawing of the Mosasaurus. Most Likely Class 8 or 9
Walkers, Class 8 or 9
Dragons, Multiple Classes
The Predator, Classes 4, 5 or 6
Megalodon, Class 7, 8, or 9
Creature Based on Macrothele gigas or Silmilar spp. Class 2 or 3
Creature Based on Scolopendra gigantea, Class 7 or 8
Creature Based on Crocodylus porosus, Class 8
Creature Based on Python reticulatus, Class 8 or 9
Swarm Creature Based on Paraponera clavata, Class 1 or 2
Creature Based on Atheris spp. Class 4 or 5
Creature Based on Dendroaspis angusticeps or Dendroaspis spp. Class 4 or 5
Creature Based on Latrodectus elegans or other Letrodectus spp. Class 5 or 6

More Creatures Will Be Revealed Soon!

Let’s Do This!

We have many surprises and big plans for Evathalin, but we can’t do it without you. Tell your friends, family, everyone, and let’s get this done! Get ready for legendary wars!